Human-Centered Computing

Department of Computer Science


Research seminar

Implementing Quality Assurance Practices in an Open Source Software Community

Presenter: Adam Alami

22 February 2019,09:30-10:30

Many Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects have matured over the years to produce software of considerable size, complexity and some have seen generational changes. The need to rediscover, re-factor, and re-engineer existing code bases will thus increase over time, as will the need to deal with technological changes, processes, infrastructure, dependencies, and deployment platforms. We can safely assume that handling growth and maturity will require use of the best practices of software engineering methods and tools. An increase in popularity of a FOSS project implies that the community has to mature and improve its processes and practices. The objective of my PhD study is to bring a FOSS community quality assurance (QA) practices to higher standards. Through the mechanisms of a participatory action research process, I intend to introduce and when necessary, reinvigorate best QA practices in a FOSS community. I want to align the community QA practices with other FOSS communities’ practices and current software engineering best practices. This will yield a change in the affected community, but also new empirical insights into QA practices and new method to work with FOSS communities. The subject of my study is the Robot Operating System (ROS) community. The overall objective is to identify valuable lessons and knowledge that help others who wish to pursue a similar change agenda.