Human-Centered Computing

Department of Computer Science

Industry Collaboration

New Interactions with Industrial Cleaning Machines

Industry Partner: Nilfisk A/S

Bachelor thesis project - concept development, ideation and prototyping of new interactions with industrial cleaning machines in collaboration with Nilfisk A/S, Denmark. The project was realized at the facilities of Aalborg University and the results were presented to designers and business stakeholders of the company. Outcomes of this project are covered by a non-disclosure agreement.

Students: Amanda Jensen, Christian Bønløkke Pedersen, Gry Thomsen, Kristian Krejbjerg Øllgaard, Simon B. Lindebjerg Jensen, Amalie Sofie Andersen, Anders Amstrup Pajbjerg, Mahdi Mohamoud Ibrahim, Martin Højriis Frandsen, Martin Schack Poulsen

Dates: February-June 2018

Project Supervision: Timothy Merritt, Jesper Kjeldskov