Human-Centered Computing

Department of Computer Science


Research seminar

Essence - Problem Based Digital Innovation

Presenter: Ivan Aaen

20 March 2020,09:30-10:30

Essence - Problem Based Digital Innovation Abstract: Software teams – and indeed any team engaged in digital innovation – face major uncertainties and complexities because technologies, application areas, and communities develop at perplexing speeds. Such teams may therefore no longer be able to manage projects by making rational decisions within reasonable time constraints. For that and more reasons their understanding of the problem they set out to solve, and the artifacts they presume will be part of a solution, develop and change while they work. Essence is a methodology meant to offer concepts, tools, techniques, and more to help manage projects under such circumstances. The talk gives a status of Essence with main focus on project management and decisionmaking.

Bio: I’ve been working on software innovation since 2006. Software innovation is not an established field yet, and various authors address the topic at different organizational levels and from very different angles. My angle is problem oriented and focus on the development team. In this sense, there is a direct connection to Problem based learning as practiced here at AAU and my research. Conceptually and philosophically my approach is based on Deweyan Pragmatism.