Human-Centered Computing

Department of Computer Science


Research seminar

A Success Model for Agile Software Development

Presenter: Daniel Russo

26 April 2019,09:30-10:30

I will present a case study of an Agile Software Product Line (SPL) developed for mission critical purposes, where stakeholders’ commitment was a critical success factor. The Software Product Line goal was to implement mission–oriented features, reducing costs and time to operation in critical scenarios. The project lasted for three years and involved over 40 professionals. I will show how a hierarchical, waterfall- oriented organization was able to exploit Agile methods for its SPL to develop a Command & Control system, effectively running in on-field operations. I generalize the research experience, inducing a success model of general use for other comparable organizations. To do so, both Grounded Theory and Ethnographic approaches are used to identify critical success factors and their relations. In particular, I used a new Grounded Theory approach to improve qualitative rigor, known as Gioia methodology1. In this talk, I will provide an explanation of the context, challenges, and solutions provided to the Italian Army, as also the research methods used.